Margot Comstock

The Fresh Shade of a Woman, #20, 2000
Dutch Treat, #21, 2001
Ever Again, #25, 2002
Second Wife's Inheritance, #28, 2002
Forever Is Usually Forever, Really, #34, 2004
Fish In The Moonlight #35, 2004
Spoils Of War #36, 2004
Moving On #56, 2009, Doorknobs Winner.
Soul #70, 2013.
Cherokee Sunrise #71, 2013.
Make It Smooth and Smoky #71, 2013.
The Brilliant Colors of Darkness #74, 2014.


Margot Comstock came from the forests of northern New Jersey, spent her 20s in the canyons of New York City, took one trip to California and it stuck. Love it all. Decades in L.A., winding up in the Wine Country of Sonoma County. Has been (oh yes) actor, writer, painter, but mostly editor. It’s all fun, but the best time was creating Softalk, an early '80s computer magazine for folks who had Apples. Skyrocketing to the top in its four years, it exists now only in the Smithsonian. Today, Comstock does NaNoWriMo (twice finished), still painting, and takes on the challenges of the accumulation of years with curiosity. Quite wonderful!

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