Liesl Jobson

They Came And Went In Angel Shoes, #30, 2003
The Other Survivors, #30, 2003
The Virtue Of The Potted Fern, #34, 2004
Mr. Fixit's Lament, #38, 2005, Dorsal Winner
The Thirteenth Train, #38, 2005
Interval, #51, 2008
Liesl Jobson is a South African writer, photographer and bassoonist. Her recent publications include fiction and poetry in South African journals New Contrast, Timbila, Chimurenga, Green Dragon, Fidelities and has won various prizes, including the Ernst van Heerden Creative Writing Award. She is the author of 100 Papers, a collection of prose poems and flash fiction (Botsotso, 2008) and a volume of poems, View from an Escalator (Botsotso, 2008). She is the national editor of Poetry International Web, South Africa and the Johannesburg editor of BOOK Southern Africa.
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