Kai Venice

Over The Line, #22, 2001
Red-Light Blackout, #25, 2002
He-Man vs. She-Ra, #26, 2002
Sleeping With The Fishes No More, #28, 2002, Dorsal Winner
The Unkindest Cut, #32, 2003
Shattered Pearl, #37, 2005
The Foot Of The Problem, #39, 2005
Love Lost At Sea, #45, 2007
And The Winner Is . . ., #46, 2007
Flowers for Gerald, #53, 2009
Kai M. Venice was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but escaped to San Francisco as soon as he was legal to pursue his dream of being a writer in more liberal surroundings. After fourteen years and several published works in anthologies (Quickies, Volume 2; The Gay Times Book of Short Stories: The Next Wave; I Do, I Don't -- Queers on Marriage), he will be moving to Seattle to further his writing career.
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