Kathleen Clauson

Beer-thirty, #35, 2004.
Birthdays & Broken Spirits, #36, 2004, Dorsal Winner.
Forbidden Fruit, #36, 2004.
Visions Of Sugarplums,#36, 2004.
Twins, #37, 2005, Dorsal Winner.
Night Owl, #37, 2005.
Last Smoke And Eight-Ball, #40, 2005.
Friday, Half Past Nine, #41, 2006.
Cake3, #41, 2006.
Baby Pink Plastic Moses, #42, 2006.
The Blue Wall, #43, 2006.
Pink Remorse, #44, 2006.
Blissfully Violet On Cotton Sheets, #44, 2006.
Etiquette, #65, 2012.
Charm School, #66, 2012.
Red Maiden, #66, 2012.
Spitits in Water, #67, 2012.
Flying Ointment, #68, 2012.
Roses are Red, #69, 2013.
Blue-spotted Horses, #70, 2013.
Blue Diamond Sky, #70, 2013.
Kindling, #73, 2014.
I'm So Sorry, Patty Lumley, #84, 2016.
Lightning Bugs, #84, 2016.


Kathleen Clauson lives about four hours from Chicago in a tiny village where there are more cats than people. Although her home looks like any other, she blocks the front door inside with a red toolbox to keep restless spirits from blowing the door open in the middle of the night, which unbelievably, has happened quite often.

Kathleen's writing has manifested itself in a number of ways throughout her life, including feature writing, a book review column, journal articles on international economics, and now focuses exclusively on creative fiction. 

Her fiction is inspired by Chicago's ethnic neighborhoods and she soon hopes to publish her novella, Eva Galuska and the Christmas Carp. Well-versed in five languages, Kathleen delights in using her cultural experiences to bring her characters to life on the page.

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