James Shaffer

Desperado, #73, 2014.
Branching Out, #74, 2014.
The Face of the Deep, #74, 2014.
Fern, #75, 2014.
A Place Where No Sound Is Heard, #75, 2014.
The Gauwn Leeuw, #76, 2014.
The First Days of Creation, #76, 2014.
The Confessional, #77, 2015.
Numbered Days, #78, 2015.
First World Problems, #78, 2015.
Duffy's Dilemma, #79, 2015. Hayward Fault Line Winner.
The Killer Audition, #79, 2015.
The Solid Gold Heart, #79, 2015, Tapas Winner.
Cat Burglar, #79, 2015.
Saint Januarius, #80, 2015.
Saint Anthony, #80, 2015.


James is an American, but has lived in Europe for the last 28 years. He discovered European life suits him. It didn't take him 28 years to realize that, but it's the reason he stayed. Before coming to Europe, he worked in cinemas. Movies and writing have been his life. He is convinced that what we see on the big screen is the way we think, that the images we see there are a template for what we see inside our heads. He tries to create those images in the stories he writes.

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