James Morford

A Visitor, #17, 2000
Working For The Company, #26, 2002
Small Claims Court, #27, 2002
Two-Legged Piggy Bank, #27, 2002, Dorsal winner
The Many Colors Of Fall, #28, 2002
Our Failure To Communicate, #28, 2002
The Waiting, #29, 2003
The Line, #29, 2003
The Longest Throw, #30, 2003
James Morford was born and raised in Southern California.  His educational background includes a BA in History from the University of Southern California, and a MA in History from California State College at Long Beach. James has worked as a real estate broker specializing in investment properties, and taught real estate economics at the college level. He has traveled extensively and recently returned from a trip around the world. He has published poems and fiction in both the print and E-Mail media,  and now lives with his wife in Cancun, Mexico, where in addition to writing, he teaches English at a private school.
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