Jianda Johnson

Water Sandwich, #9, 1998
What Ends Up Happening, #13, 1999
Having been an attendee of Pomona College and University of California, Irvine (Media and Film Studies Depts.) for years, Jianda Johnson is a graduate of the California Summer State School for the Arts (priorities).

A writer (poesie, songs, screenplays, shorts, and affirmations), singer, guitarist, pianist, artist, and zany dancer, Jiji's also a fledgling webmistress, working on a greeting card line, and working on a series of projects in which art, spirit, and healing intermesh. Interested parties email: glenivy@aol.com, or p.o. box 1875, laguna beach, ca, 92652.

She has published several local music magazine articles/reviews, and has had reviews published in the poet's dream,"Next" magazine, and has been published in the University of California journals "Faultline" and "Womyn's Quarterly."

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Readers' Response

From: "john960, The Book Quest"
We at the BookQuest in Moreno Val./UCR Riv., enjoy her refreshing style!!