Glenise Lee

After Dinner Mints, #23, 2001
Overtime, #26, 2002
Peter Pan--The Play, #42, 2006
Born in England of older than average parents in 1946, Glenise Lee has a foot in three centuries, which gives her an incredible view of social history, from the Victorian Elephant Man (a Leicester boy, born in the same poor streets of the city as her grandparents), via Englebert Humperdinck, (who started his career in Leicester in the 1960s) to DNA testing which was developed in the city. With the wealth of research material available, she has not yet settled on any one preferred genre in which to write and will try her hand at almost anything. Glenise is married and has two children. She works in local government. Part of her job is to manage a cemetery, which she says is an amazing source of material for poems and humorous stories.
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