Greg Bauder

Moon Goddess, #33, 2004.
The Furor Of Oscar, #34, 2004.
The Ex-Beast, #37, 2005.
Hearing, #38, 2005.
Wrestling With Reason, #39, 2005.
The Consecrated Beach, #44, 2006.
Greg Bauder has had a novel, THE TEMPTRESS ARIEL, published by PUBLISH AMERICA in 2004, and his second novel, SELENE'S GUIDING LIGHT, is due out in 2005 by the same publisher. He also had published a chapbook of short stories, SCHIZOFICTION, by RANSOM WORKS PRESS in 2004. He is a The Who and Bob Dylan fan and also enjoys reading Milton, Shakespeare and William Blake, as well as most classics. His favourite Canadian author is Margaret Atwood. He lives in Surrey, a large suburb of Vancouver, B.C.
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