Ellen L. Baldwin

Half a Ransom, #8, 1997
Questioning Love, #9, 1998
Mars Walk, #9, 1998
Benched Girls, #10, 1998
Ellen Baldwin, transplanted from Oklahoma to California in 1987, decided to attend college for the first time when her daughter decided NOT to. She now has an A.A. (San Joaquin Delta College - Stockton); a B.S. in Organization Behavior (Univ. of San Francisco); and is attending graduate school in USF's education/counseling program for M.F.C.C. licensing. She is currently a substitute teacher, writes in her "spare" time and leads a monthly group of "novice" authors and poets. Ms. Baldwin edited : Exploring the Natural World (2nd Ed.) by John DeBow, 1996, a 538-page biology lab manual for San Joaquin Delta College. A new poem was just published: "She's There," The Sunday Suitor , Poetry Review, Issue #7, Dec., 1997.
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