D. Harlan Wilson

I Screamed, I Screamed, #15, 1999
Conversation With A Hair Stylist, #16, 1999
The Walls, #17, 2000
A Long Celluloid Kiss, #18, 2000
The Lazy Cow, #18, 2000
The Nose, #22, 2001
Gardening, #25, 2002
A Quiet Breakfast, #37, 2005
The Shore Or A Love Story, #40, 2005
D. Harlan Wilson is an assistant professor of English at Michigan State University. He has published over 100 stories in magazines, journals, newspapers and anthologies throughout the world, and he is the author of The Kafka Effekt (2001), Stranger on the Loose (2003), Irrealities (2003) and Pseudo-City (2005). Currently he is at work on Dr. Identity, a speculative fiction novel about a society in which people surrogate themselves with android lookalikes in virtually every walk of life so that they can pursue their true passion: the art of being useless.
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