Chella Courington

Blood Moon, #55, 2009, Doorknobs Winner.
She Gets What She Came For, #55, 2009.
Tremors,#63, 2011.
Minor Revelation, #63, 2011.
At the Corner of Decatur and Saint Ann, #67, 2012.
If You Don't Please, #70, 2013.
She Once Had Been Pink But Never Had Feathers, #75, 2013.
Frangible, #77, 2015.
For the Love of Teaching, #78, 2015.


Chella Courington is a writer and teacher. She’s the author of three flash fiction chapbooks: Love Letter to Biology 250, Girls & Women and Talking Did Not Come Easily to Diana along with three chapbooks of poetry: Southern Girl Gone Wrong, Paper Covers Rock, and Flying South. Stories and poetry have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals including Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers, SmokeLong, The Los Angeles Review, Nano Fiction, The Collagist, and Fourteen Hills. Her novella, The Somewhat Sad Tale of the Pitcher and the Crow, is scheduled to be released by Pink.Girl.Ink. Press in late March.

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