Cynthia Benson

The Work Ethic, #50, 2008.
Afterbirth, #61, 2011.
Sacred Blood, #64, 2011.
The Twilight of Men, #66, 2012, Hayward Fault Line Winner.
The Thirst, #67, 2012.
In the Shadow of Paul Bunyon, #69, 2013.
Through a Glass Brightly, #70, 2013.
The Most Memorable Party of 1972, #73, 2014.
The Abstention, #74, 2014.
Just Another Day Care Drop Off, #75, 2014.
The Procreation Chamber, #76, 2014.
His Pie in the Sky, #76, 2014.
The Taste of Olives, #78, 2014.


Cynthia Benson's ALL VISIONS OF BLIND LOVE, winner for anthologies at the 2016 San Francisco Book Festival and nominated for the IPPY Award, includes many selections from Doorknobs & BodyPaint and riverbabble. It tells the tales of 25 very different people from around the world, each on his or her own journey of "blind love," whether good or bad. She has published in various other literary publications, including Confrontation, The Call: An Anthology of Women's Writing, Palo Alto Review, The Pistol, DIQ, and Potpourri. Her screenplay, About Face, was nominated for Best Screenplay at the 2012 Naperville Independent Film Festival.

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