Ben Woodiwiss

The Beggar's Friend, #27, 2002
The Looking Glass, #27, 2002
Everlasting, #28, 2002
The Antelopes, #28, 2002
Nuts And Bolts, #30, 2003
Keep Breathing, #31, 2003
After The Penal Colony, #33, 2004
The Briefest Of Moments, #33, 2004
Junks And Sushi, #34, 2004, Flash Fiction Winner
Night Fishing, #35, 2004
Perestroika, #36, 2004
Waiting For The End, #39, 2005
Working For Agnes, #46, 2007
That Summer in Poughkeepsie, #49, 2008
Ben Woodiwiss has been working away with the word for quite a while now. He has, to date, written one novel, several articles, screenplays and an ever growing army of short stories which keep him warm through the cold nights. His first accepted screenplay 'Effortless' begins filming later this year. He currently resides in London, where he spends too much time drinking coffee and working, and too little time relaxing.
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