Brenda Ross

Mission of Mercy, #23, 2001
Take Me To Your Cleaners, #26, 2002, Dorsal Winner
Harry Was Not Pleased With His Funeral, #29, 2003
The Exterminator, #30, 2003
Brenda Ross was born and raised in England. After her marriage she spent 5 years in West Africa before she and her late husband moved to British Columbia, Canada where she worked as a Community Librarian for many years.
Her stories and articles have recently appeared in several print and on-line publications including Cenotaph Pocket Edition, Kudzu Monthly, Seven Seas Magazine, Writer's World, Tattoo Highway, Rainy Day Corner, Wynterblues Thunder, Doorknobs and BodyPaint, Writer's Crossing, Epiphany Magazine, riverbabble and Dead Mule.
Her book "On The Other Hand" sub-titled "the inner conflict of an opinionated freelance writer" is published by White Mountain Publications.
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