Beth Lahaie

Scanenger Hunt, #41, 2006
Hot News, #43, 2006, Dorsal Winner
The Unforgetting, #43, 2006
Shredded Hearts, #45, 2007
Smoking Virtues, #45, 2007
The Mother Project, #45, 2007
Charlie In The Woods, #46, 2007
The Zimmerman Legacy, #46, 2007
Job Of A Lifetime, #46, 2007
Obstacle Course, #47, 2007, Hayward Fault Line Winner.
Yellow-Green Freedom, #47, 2007
Ten Thousand Wishes, #47, 2007
Necessary Ornaments, #51, 2008
Two Inch Perspective, #51, 2008, Hayward Fault Line Winner.
Identity Crisis, #51, 2008.
Polygamy, #53, 2009.
Deadly Incantations, #67, 2012.
The Asuagement, #67, 2012.
As a child, Beth Lahaie made up stories to entertain her younger brothers, then continued making up tales for the neighborhood children while babysitting. Later, as a storytelling mom, she began writing down all these yarns along with essays on motherhood, education, spirituality, and current events.

As her children became independent, Beth indulged in her lifelong desire to write professionally and has published short fiction for both children and adults, several essays, and is currently finishing her first novel. In addition to writing, Beth is an inspirational speaker, flutist, private music teacher, and assists elementary school students in creative writing. Married with three children, Beth lives in Fort Worth, Texas and is a member of Trinity Writer's Workshop.
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