Alice Whittenburg

Strange Bird, #10, 1998
The Millennium Rain,
Hayward Fault Winner, #12, 1998.
The West As It Was Meant To Be, #16, 1999
Ouija Birds, Doorknobs Winner, #72, 2013.
PrayStation™, Tapas Winner, #72, 2013.
The Relocation Specialist, Hayward Fault LineWinner, #74, 2014.
Mirror-marked, #76, 2014.
St. Anthony and the Wrapped Palms, Hayward Fault Line Winner #77, 2015.
The Trilobite Grotesque, #79, 2015.
Schrödinger's Eggs, #86, 2017.


Alice Whittenburg's short fiction can be found online at riverbabble, Atlas & Alice, The Big Jewel, Eclectica Magazine, outwardlink, Pif Magazine, WordRiot, Doorknobs & BodyPaint, and elsewhere. Her stories also appear in these anthologies: The Return of Kral Majales, Prague’s International Literary Renaissance 1990-2010; Condensed to Flash: World Classics; and the Eclectica Magazine 20th Anniversary Speculative Anthology. She is coeditor of The Cafe Irreal, an online magazine of irreal fiction, and of The Irreal Reader, Fiction & Essays from The Cafe Irreal.

comments: Doorknobs & BodyPaint