Andrea Shepherd

What Binds Us Now, #25, 2002
Abandoned In Athens, #27, 2002
Andrea Shepherd, single mother of the world's most active 18-month-old boy, lives, works, writes and dances in Montreal, Quebec. Shane, her son, is the most important thing in her life, with her passions for writing and Latin dance tied for second place. Unfortunately she has to pay the bills by holding a full-time (computer-related) job, which doesn't leave her enough time to dedicate to either. When she's not at the office or basking in the joys of motherhood she writes in the diary she has kept for 22 years, publishes the occasional freelance article, usually about parenting or dance, and teaches beginners how to dance Argentinian tango. Some day she will finish, and of course publish, her first novel.
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