Aleathea Drehmer

Erectile Dysfunction, #58, 2010
By the River, #59, 2010, Doorknobs Winner.
A Dead Man's Chest, #59, 2010.
Batting .359, #60, 2010.
Burrett's Mound, #60, 2010, Hayward Fault Line Winner.
The Soul is a Ravaged Place, #62, 2011, Hayward Fault Line Winner.
The Apple of His Eye, #63, 2011.


Aleathia Drehmer is the editor of the print microzine Durable Goods and the online flash fiction website In Between Altered States. She has a shared collection of poetry with Dan Provost called A Quiet Learning Curve from Rank Stranger Press and another collection of poetry called You Find Me Everywhere from Propaganda Press. She lives in upstate NY with her darling daughter and her cat, Carrot.

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