Diane's Keyhole Views
Diane enjoys country life amid the spruce, willow, poplar, and patchwork of meadows, with her husband and two active dogs, in northern Canada - the fountainhead for much of her writing. Passionate about reading and writing, she appreciates well-crafted stories full of vivid imagery and swirling with figurative language.

Issue 25

Love Story
Grab your dancing shoes. Here's a story of creation that will have you waltzing from beginning to end.

Friday Night
Boys will be boys -- or will they? Peek into this one.

Ever Again
Vivid imagery. This flows, then leaps into realms of the unimaginable.

Passing Ships
Dream along, love-boat style -- dreams and desires on the high seas.

Miranda by the Window
Delicious. The fruit of this tale entices, and trickles, leaving you craving more.

My Salsera Friend
Dressed up and ready to salsa -- this dances to the music of life.

An Old Couple
Quietly and soothingly outstanding -- as remarkable as that!

Different Planes
Like a rose, this grows more beautiful as the words unfurl.

Brilliant -- ride the haunted memories to these cobblestone streets.

What Binds Us Now
Secrets and spirits -- discover the fusion of these fading shadows.

Issue 24

Freak Ocurrence
A carefully balanced landscape - crafted with a brush stroke of genius.

Darkness and Fear
Swirling with imagery as well as fear and darkness. This one throbs.

In Chilling Warmth
There's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. You won't soon forget about Tecza.

The Thief
A violation experienced by more than you may suspect..

Still Fires Run Deep
The embers of this burning secret flicker fathoms deep. A secret as grave as bubbling lava.

A Cry in the Wilderness
Don't fight the impulse -- read this crafty cry. Who's thriving on who?

Dark Houses
You too will be drawn into the dark house before you realize it. Are your doors locked?

A stroll down memory lane, a unique point of view, and the phenom - all eloquently bound together.

Issue 22

Angel of Angles
An exquisite angle beams on every line -- be dazzled! This is brilliant.

That Which We Hold at a Distance
Marvelous. This fable rings and lingers in the mind long after the tale is told.

Disappearing God
This well-crafted canvas comes down to earth to paint a billboard story.

The Millenium Angel
I'm still reflecting on past and future, angles and angels. What do you see, and how far...?

The Fisherman
Welcome aboard -- you too will be caught in the net of this story.

Sunshine Is a Frame of Mind
You'll be singing in the rain after this.

Soul stirring language walks these lines from beginning to end. A treat to read.

The Grey Lady
Told as delicate as lace; as sweet as candy.

Over the Line
Delving into this mind is like recapturing Hitchcock in his prime.

Issue 21
First Fruits
Delicious. Imagine being seduced by the fruits of this evocative & luscious legend, with an ending as potent as the forbidden fruit.

Deeply carved layers are peeled apart in magical moments.

The Photographer
A brilliant snapshot alive with vivid imagery. Palpable.

Dutch Treat
A clandestine adventure unlike any you've shared. Hold on to your amulets.

The Morning Glory unfurls at daybreak, the Cereus blooms at night, but this tale blooms with the unexpected.

An Open Letter to John Heminges and William Condell 24 June, 1624
I'm glad I didn't bid this letter adieu - a scandalous venture creatively dispelled.

Diamonds in the Rough
Love, a game reserve, a book, crossing borders - imbued with simplicity yet revealing a strata of intracacies.

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