Doorknobs & BodyPaint 94

May 2019

Doorknobs Winner
Just Like John
Marjorie Carson Davis

Hayward Fault Line Winner
Little Pepper
KJ Hannah Greenberg

Dorsal Winner
The Tribal Woman: Shiraz, Iran
Sandy Steinman

Dorsal Winner
The Tribal Woman: Shiraz, Iran
Sandy Steinman

Tapas Winner
Miriam Kotzin


Worth a Thousand Words
... Bev Vines-Haines

... Jeanette DesBoine

Death by Competion
... KJ Hannah Greenberg

The Ghost of S. T. Riving
... Scot Walker

Hayward Fault

Perfect Store Room
... Bev Vines-Haines

He's cutting the stems off the garlic
... Robin Wyatt Dunn

Temple Worship
... jd daniels


Silence of the Lambs
... Bev Vines-Haines

Old Man of the Ditches
... Tom Sheehan

Tangled Up In Glue
... Dianne McKnight

Pinching Zwieback
... Mitchell Toews


A Joke Gone Wrong
... jd daniels

Taming an Iron Will
... Kathleen Listman

Grabbing the Brass Ring
... Dawn DeBraal

Cairo Room

A Change of Heart
... KJ Hannah Greenberg

Her Heart Set On It
... Peggy Morrison

Bird at Work
... Joan Drescher Cooper

Doorknobs &BodyPaint: An Anthology

the writers included in the anthology

Sam Barasch
Cathy Barber
Berend Ter Borg
Judy Cabito
Emily M. Z. Carlyle
Yvonne Chism-Peace
Kathleen Clauson
Margot Comstock
Andrew R. Crow
Joyce Daniels
Marjorie Carlson Davis
Don De Boisblanc
Darrah De Jour
Kieron Devlin
Peggy Duffy
Joanne Faries
Margaret Foley
J. Gordon
Val Griffiths
Vida Janulaitis
Lisa Jobson
Beth Lahaie
Michael Maiello

Cody Maxwell
Dianne McKnight
Ron Morelli
Colleen Neumann
Natalie Niblack
Rich Pearl
Tony Pino
Tim Putnam
Leila Rae
John D. Ritchie
Steve Rodriguez
Liann Snow
Sandy Steinman
Ann Summerville
Bara Swain
Denis Taillefer
Beverly Vines-Haines
Sharon Wachsler
John A. Ward
Francine Witte
Ben Woodiwiss
Ian Wrisley
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published by Pandemonium Press, 2008
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Stories selected for Issue 94
First published: May 2019
Issue #95 due August 2019
Leila Rae: editor
Bara Swain: Dorsal editor