Beware of God
Dale Jensen
Tapis Winner

 Observed by some, not observed by others. The little cardboard sign on the glass window of the door of the building that he stood in front of.  

“Beware of God”.  

“Look at that, man,” Lucky Lou said to himself as he contemplated breaking into the place. “Guy can’t even spell dog. Don’t hear no barking, though.”  

A second’s prying with a stolen credit card opened the door. No alarm either.  

Lou bent low as he entered. Hah. Beware of god. Hallowed space, eh? There was a long passageway and suddenly a huge room.  

He straightened up. No one to see him. Enough light to see. The walls were bare and white except for a large shrine set against the far wall, decorated with rhinestones it looked like, and what looked like a large trap door just above it.  

“Guess that’s the dog house,” whispered Lou to himself.  

He drew closer. Rhinestones they were.  

Suddenly the trap door opened. Tentacles sprang out from nowhere, grabbed Lou, and pulled him in through the wall. Crunching noises ensued.  

The light went on in the passageway. A monk removed the sign from the door. The temple was sanctified. Sabbath was officially over.  

First published: November 2018
© All rights reserved by the writer
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