Spinning Away
Judy Cabito



Lilly, a compassionless manager lies in a heap after falling from above. 

“An unforeseen accident,” the foreman tells the OSHA representative, who scratches his bald spot circling Lilly’s body waiting for the ambulance to arrive, for the police to finish their inspection and ask a few questions of employees still about, trying to dodge the senior V.P. who flew in worried compensation might bankrupt the company.

Reporters on his heels, lights, camera, action, as he pronounces the company’s name clearly, “… wants to extend their sympathy to…” turning toward Lilly, his words catch in his throat, visible tears in his eyes as he spits out, “her family.” 

A young paramedic attaches a monitor to Lilly’s not so clear beating heart. His lids blink wildly, his lips form an exaggerated, “Oh!” 

Lilly, uncharacteristically, wishes she could comfort him, comfort the V.P. and her co-workers. 

There’s a rush, red lights blare, sirens screech. Lily charges back to life, to live, to see everything in a different light and promises to change her personal inventory as the helicopter with her inside, spins, up and away and out of sight.

First published: May 2018
© All rights reserved by the writer
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