Questioning Love
Ellen L. Baldwin
W hy did she strip off his shirt and pants and make him walk through O'Hare Airport in nothing but his Valentine boxer shorts and a ball cap? Why did she rent the honeymoon suite and then present him with a live alligator in the Jacuzzi--with a big red bow around its neck, no less? Why did she make him memorize 300 species of butterflies?
Why did she make him deliver a dozen roses to her and then tear off all the thorns with his teeth while she lounged nearby on a burgundy velvet recliner, sipping champagne? How did she command such power to make him grovel and meet her every wish?
Why did she make him do it all in the first place? And, why on Valentine's Day?
To prove his love for her? Because she was under siege from the pricks of Cupid's arrows? Was she
It happened because she was BORED that early spring day. AND--because she was daydreaming!

First published: February 1998