Doorknobs & BodyPaint
Issue Nine Index

Flash Fiction
First Prize

The Tragedy of Julius Orange
Trent Walters
Hayward Fault Line
First Prize

Final Silence
Lester L. Weil

Flash Fiction
Joseph: Rich Adams
Questioning Love: Ellen L. Baldwin
I Don't Remember
So Many Birds: John Dumbrille
Water Sandwich: Jiji Johnson
A Mother: Kimberly McGrath
Untitled: Sally Poulsen
Siléncio: Steve Rodriguez
2B OR NOT 2B: Frances Taira

Hayward Fault Line
Mars Walk: Ellen Baldwin
A Quiet Day
on the Farm: Neil Shephard
The Generosity
of Strangers: Trent Walters

Non-Contest Stories
Photographs: Kristian Campana
Confluence: D. R. Gordon
Breath: J. Gordon
Eyes Wide Shut: Melissa Miles

Selected for Issue 9, First published: February 14, 1998

Issue #10 due on-line May 1, 1998
Hang onto your 'knobs.
Leila Rae
Aaron Jason