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Bev Vines-Haines
Doorknobs Winner

Annie Lamb ladled out three bowls of soup.  Her husband Ollie and his friends, Dave and Hap, were playing cards and drinking beer.

“How long can bread and soup take, Woman,” Ollie snarled.  “Maybe we should go to Dave’s.”

“Don’t bother,” Dave said.  “I sent Elsie packing.  She’s still wildly excited about the idiocy of women voting.  Makes me puke.”

“What a disaster!  Damn women gave us Harding!” Hap slapped his knees and stood.  “Forget the soup, Annie.”

“And I have a hunger headache!” Dave added.  “My dad used to say, ‘One woman’s a woman, two women are half a woman and three women ain’t no women at all.’”

Dave and Hap left through the back door.

Ollie glared. “You’re an embarrassment, Wife!”

He slammed out behind them and Annie dumped the soup back into the pot.

What good did the vote do for her? Ollie wouldn’t take her with him when he went. Truth is, she would have voted for Harding, too.  Man made sense.  Talked about some hope and setting the money right again.

Ollie was a fake and she could barely remember when she loved him.  He’d gone to school same as her but couldn’t read for anything.  Only way she heard news was he made her read him the paper every night.

So now she could vote? How useless! First they should have gone to the Bible and struck out those words about obeying husbands and being subject to men.

“One woman’s dangerous, Ollie.  Be careful.”

First published: February 2018
© All rights reserved by the writer
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