Transcript of a Guilty Innocent
Micah Encarnacion

They left me in a room with a recorder and told me to confess all I did wrong… Ha. They say when you’re alone and no one is, uh, physically there you tend to admit more—the truth, if they want to put it that way. Fine. If that’s what they want. I’ll admit everything. That is, if they choose to listen. Who’s to say that whatever I say here will be believed?

(Laughs.) Okay, I admit… I did nothing wrong. I didn’t murder anyone. What I did was for the good of—good of everyone.


Okay… I know what you’ve been told. Yes, I am a big fan of Lynx. Oh, that beautiful, talented woman. She is one of a kind… I loved her music since the first day. I was the first one she saw every morning. She was so full of herself… I loved it. She loved me, and I loved her equally. Why else would she ask me to get those sharp, silver gifts? Why else would she ask me to do what I did? She was… in awe. Her biggest fan… right there before her. I smiled, and she smiled back. It was fate.

I was only doing what she asked. She told me to kill her! It was only acceptable I was the one to do it. I—no—she knew that no one else should do this glorious action. I fulfilled her desires. I was worthy! She was so overwhelmed with the world around her so she called me. She beckoned me. She accepted… me. I-I was thoughtful enough to do it; release her! To rip her heart out; let her sleep forever!


Do you believe me? Does the truth meet your standards? Why should I keep talking and ‘confessing’ this crap. I’m not—I’m not delusional. Don’t even dare try and punish me for ‘insane’ actions on my apparent mental issues regarding hallucinations and voices and what’s that scientific term doctor’s use? Distraught—no, distorted view of reality? I know what I wanted to do… It was me. I had to—I wanted to. I will not be stuck in this mental institution because I’m sentenced as a lunatic!


There is nothing wrong with me… There is nothing wrong. I’m a good person. I’m a good—good, uh, good person… good girl. I tried killing because I’m a good person… and good people, well, good people don’t lie. They do what they think is right.

Do you think I would fabricate this story? (Laughs.) It’s not every day I’m given a chance to tell the story of my attempted suicide.

(End Transcript.)

First published: November 2017
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