Just a Little More Than Envy
Bev Vines-Haines
Doorknobs Winner

  A penis is the genuine article.  How do I know?  Because I don’t have one.

  Before I absorbed this life lesson, I spent four years holding the Michigan Bearing Production Company together.  I went in and rescued those folks in early 1942 when the government grabbed all the men for the war effort.

Was I good at my job?  Hell yes.  I grew up in a manufacturing family. I know steel prices. I understand machinery, maintenance and even the damn union.

I not only supported the war effort, I improved it. Some of those legendary posters showing women building a strong America while holding down the home front came straight out of my pen.  Yup, before I became a noteworthy manufacturing giant I worked in graphic designs. 

So I took a ragtag army of housewives and little girls and whipped them into one of the finest work forces ever assembled.  We created bearings for wheels, tanks and many of the planes that ended up winning the war. We got so good we were able to create parts for lawn mowers and washing machines that were falling apart while all the men fought in Europe.

Then came September, 1945.  The war ended.  We celebrated and cheered in the streets. The men came home. Back to their families.  And their old jobs.

Old man Hardwick personally sent me home.  I needed to start a family, he said, admitting I’d done a good job.  I just wasn’t a man.

First published:August, 2017
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