Choosing a New Path
Bev Vines-Haines
Catherine Welsh searched life for opportunities. She’d understood since fifth grade that destiny favors the prepared.  Had she known boobs were going to be such a game changer she wouldn’t have hidden hers under bulky knits and sweat shirts.  That mistake cost her a budding relationship with Tiger O’Neil who went on to play quarterback with the Cardinals and now owned five homes, seven high performance vehicles and controlling interest in a major soft drink bottling company.

Apparently a slow learner, she compounded the error in the tenth grade.  She’d been invited to try out for cheerleading but declined because it took too much time away from reading. Popularity contests offended her sense of fair play.  Too late she realized extra-curricular participation factored heavily in party invitations and fun.

These kinds of choices established a pattern that would dog her through the next twenty years.  As a senior, even though she nearly aced her SATs and graduated second in her class, she turned down a nod from Harvard and instead opted for UNM so she could stay a bit closer to home.

By the time she understood the value of an Ivy League education it was too late.  She joined the throng of BA graduates vying for dwindling positions against the more favored alumni. Boobs, popularity and further education choices handed her a totally average life in an average company in an average world.

Eventually she threw in the towel, returned to Los Cruces and went to work in the library.  She kept on reading of course and began to search the Internet for a second chance.  She would have loved a time machine just to go back to fifth grade, flaunt her boobs and change her stars.  Or tenth grade and become the best cheerleader ever. 

One morning while searching job opportunities it occurred to her destiny wasn’t written in her stars as much as it was spelled out in her resume. Years of internal planning and virtual dreams leaped into gear.  She created a new resume using her middle name Fiona and her mother’s maiden name West.

Now she had that popularity she’d missed by a hair.  She excelled in cheerleading, ran the Spanish Club, led rock climbing expeditions and visited Europe.  Now she was ready and willing to slow the manic pace of her life, make use of her Sociology Degree and get serious about her career.  She scatter-gunned the new resume to all the companies she’d longed to court.

A month later she settled on Microsoft and headed north to a brand new life.   

First published: May 2017
© All rights reserved by the writer
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