Wild Work
John A. Ward
I saw a whitetail doe this morning. She was high-tailing it across the meadow and into the trees. I don’t know why they do that. Maybe it’s a warning to the rest of the herd that danger is on the way.  “Stop eating and start skedaddling because something is coming to eat you.”  It’s a hazard to the high-tailer, because it paints a big white bulls-eye on her behind.

But, she was alone. Maybe, she was mooning me. “Nyah-nyah! I got away from you this time!” It’s not like a gal to moon a fella. That’s more like a guy thing. The most I’ve been mooned in these mountains is by seven bucks at one time. That’s what I would expect of males.

I saw on Facebook that three guys tied a fourth to the roof of their pickup, put on moose heads and went driving down the freeway. It was a distraction for motorists and caused accidents. They were apprehended by the State Police.

You can’t leave a bunch of men together alone. It’s probably the same with bucks.

I’m retired now. I like to watch the animals work. Some people don’t think that what wild things do is work, but anyone who’s had survival training knows that just feeding yourself and staying out of trouble is a job. I’m coming to think that the rest of the animals are not much different from you and me.  

First published: May 2017
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