Love’s Passing
Andrew R Crow
The whiteness of white sheets.
That was the first thought that came to him, through the pain. Silly, really. Of course white sheets are white. What would they be, yellow?

But that’s what he thought, at first. After, it was marble white.
Something from Earth.

Her face, cold and pale. Deathly pale, as the humans would say.
But of course, since she was dead.
Deathly pale, white as sheets. Bedsheets. Our bedsheets.
And now gone from him. Taken. Forever. Blame and guilt filled him.
He had done this.
He had brought her here.
But she had stayed.
Chosen to stay.

There was something in that.


Later, as he looked out the window, two of the three moons of Ti’Sellion were in the sky. He mounted and looked through his telescope at the Sol System, seeing the brilliant comet McNaught nearing perihelion.
A fitting send-off.
He prayed to T’Mut, wondering again why she had agreed to leave Earth and live with him here, when she knew it would eventually kill her.
She spoke of love, something not very familiar to him.
Eventually, she taught him.
Now he understood.
And now she was gone.
Gone, but not lost.
He would carry her gift of love forever.

First published: February 2017
© All rights reserved by the writer
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