A Little Bit of Luck
Bev Vines-Haines
“Why they make pull tabs so tempting, Bick?  Give me another ten dollars!  And put a winner in there.  I’m not giving you my whole check again.  It’s this damn heat, ya know.  We’re supposed to get a cool ocean breeze after sunset.  According to the recruitin’ brochures.  Visit Beautiful Westport, Washington. What the hell?  No winners so far.  I think you keep all the good ones in a pile back there an’ hand ‘em out as you so please.  Heard yer wife won a thousand dollars last week.  So Bick, have a little mercy.  I want a few more but help me out.  All my choices suck.  Give me twenty bucks worth of the ones you’d give yer wife.  When is it supposed to cool down?  Salmon ain’t running.  Did you know that?  Even commercial.  I think this heats coming from that Japanese earthquake a while back.  What do you think?  Another pile of toxic boards has washed up close to Aberdeen.  Heard some guy ran his Geiger counter over ‘em and the damn thing blew up.  If my gramps was here he’d tell us this was no accident.  You can’t get the Yanks one way just get ‘em another.  Pretty soon this whole shoreline’s gonna be radioactive.  Dead seals, dead gulls and dead people.  Mark my words.  I need another beer.  You should notice things like that, Bick!  Coors!  Don’t give me that IPA shit.  Can you dump my debris?  Oh look, I won a dollar!  This is worse than usual.  Usually I want to punch you out cause I got a pile o’ six or ten dollar winners.  Now you got me by the short ones.  I know it’s ready to pop a hundred dollar one any minute.  Give me thirty bucks more.  I’ll pick ‘em.  Gimme those sailboat ones.  And dig deep!  So like I was sayin’, the Japs are shootin’ us with radioactive lumber.  And it ain’t just comin’ across the ocean.  Mark my words.  They’re dumping it off ships these days.  Shit, nothin’ but six bucks.  You’ll take my check, right Bick?

First published: August 2016
© All rights reserved by the writer
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