Educating Kili
Bev Vines-Haines
Doorknobs Winner
Kili Hampton got married straight out of seventh grade. People swear it couldn’t happen even back in ’90.  But it did.  I was there.  Weird thing, we still played with dolls.  At least I did.  And she did too if she came over on Saturday.  We were twelve that summer.  Almost thirteen. 

My Mom said I could never date a boy more than one year older. Kili’s mother didn’t care.  Her boyfriend Hawk was in our grade but he flunked at least three times. He was almost sixteen.  She was holding my baby doll Henry and said, “You got diapers?  I need to learn about those things.” Of course my Mom found out and that was the end of Kili and me and us being friends. 

She got married.  Her parents signed for her.  Hawk came back to school for a long time but they refused to let Kili in.  He was a cheater, dating all the girls from the smoking hall.  By the time I was a senior in high school Kili had six kids. 

I remember how she’d wanted to be a lawyer when we were little.  I figured she could likely use one now.  Every time she had another baby she’d catch him with a girl.  So she’d kick him out.  And using his lying, sneaky, thwarted tenderness he always snuck back in.    

By the time my Mom got tired of keeping me away from Kili I was just too ashamed to go see her.


First published: February 2016
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