(He’s Got His) Pants Down
Edward Mycue
& stuck up out of the water (in September at the end of the season) the man looked bent-over (although it probably was the angle of vision that boxed my eyes to a single direction or perhaps projection) and he on a sand bar a few feet under the surface of the Sacramento River - plus he seemed near, the way a tree that is on an island between freeway interchanges seems just that far off, and the water was only to his knees. Everybody on that boat ride up the delta stared. (We noticed he didn't seem to need help, didn't notice us.) The air, balmy, just past Suisun Bay, east a couple of hours out of San Francisco, going straight to Sacramento having passed the 'mothball fleet' moored and silent, past Collinsville on the north shore (where Joe DiMaggio was from announced the retired history teacher tour guide). Of the man in the water, bent like a stick, with his Pants Down, self-alone, you saw on his left only a brightness.

First published: February 2016
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