Richard Steger Overnight Had 2 Dreams (that morphed to 3)
Edward Mycue
The second dream had something to do with square nails that were longer than an inch, antique, and had to be removed from the roof before moving the house. “And the roof was sort of mushy,” Richard recalled, “so I didn’t see the point of it, but I didn’t say that.”

The first dream was of “70 ‘Suppressed’ books –those that had be withdrawn from publication. (No explanation of why or what they were.)  Richard said to me: “None of your books were on the list.  I didn’t know what was on the list and that’s when you (that’s me, Ed Mycue) said ‘are any of my books on the list?’ and then I looked (Richard Steger says) and saw it was a suspended list, for what year I don’t remember, or didn’t even look.” Then Richard remembered.

A third dream where he and I were playing with a baby leopard about midnight at the bus stop across the street at Geary Blvd and Arguello.  Richard is having fun but also begins to worry there might be a mother leopard. That sort of thought then just set his teeth on edge.  

First published: August 2015
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