Sex and Sense
Tori Dawn
“I’m pregnant.”

Kaitlyn and Sam looked at each other. Both terrified, one hurt. Making sense of nonsense. After being together five years, since college, what would this mean?

Sam looked away from Kaitlyn, emotions boiling. The knob on the blue café door was brass, like a past design from work. In engineering, everything made sense. Numbers and code. No surprises. The metal glinted.

Normally the twist of a shiny silver doorknob brought Sam into a conference, and a hush would fall at the acknowledgment of such a purposeful stride. A person of power. Impeccable performance. A path to success unmarred by distractions, by parenting?

A customer twisted at the knob, wanting to leave.

Kaitlyn had always been flirty and sharp. Sexy even. The serious engineer fell for the quirky art student. One plus one made two. Math was simple. Love was not. Pregnancy was not.

“This is jammed,” said a waitress, helping the struggling patron at the door.

The sparkling liveliness in Kaitlyn’s eyes had dulled with this confession. There was only one way this could have happened.

“Here we go,” said the waitress, wrenching the door open.

Sam protectively put her hand on her stomach as Kaitlyn’s face twisted in further betrayed agony. “I’m so sorry,” said Sam, lowering her eyes as to not see Kaitlyn’s pain. They had joked about the impossibility of pregnancy.

“You cheated on me?” Kaitlyn asked her girlfriend in a strangled whisper. “With a guy?”

The knob twisted again as the door slammed shut.

First published: November, 2014
© All rights reserved by the writer
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