Deceit and Deception
John Laneri
I spotted her in the Montserrat section of Buenos Aires the moment she stepped from a taxi, appearing just as stylish as I remembered, wearing a fashionably tailored outfit with matching heels and a brightly colored blouse.

Hurrying to catch up, I approached her and asked, “Laure Deville?”

She turned to me, her eyes sparkling in the sunlight. “Why Jason Lawrence. I remember you as a man of many talents including a past filled with lies.”

“I'm no saint, but I had no choice. You were in danger too. I had a job to do.”

“Your cloak and dagger stuff?”

“Something like that,” I replied quickly.

“But you left me waiting for hours shivering in that building near the Seine.”

“Only to protect you from harm. When I returned, you were gone. I searched frantically for weeks.”

She looked away. “I took an early flight to Milan to interview for a modeling job. I thought you knew.”

“I don't recall your mentioning it.”

She paused to study me, her eyes searching mine. “I assumed you were rejecting me. Your anger. That's why I accepted an employment position and remained in Italy to make new a life for myself.”

“I apologize for my erratic behavior. It was necessary at the time.”

Smiling easily, she said, “Our romance was truly one to treasure.”

“Are you married?”

Her eyes brightened. “Happily with two beautiful children.”

“Can I buy you a coffee? I'd like to explain in more detail.”

“If I said yes, I would want you again and only succeed in making my life miserable. I have a family to consider.”

“Then perhaps we should go our separate ways and never look back.”

“Yes, we should, but I'll never forget the hours we shared – the spontaneity, the passion.”

Laughing quietly, I replied, “We were good together, maybe too good. Let's get that coffee.”

She took my hand in hers then gently kissed my lips. “I'm sorry that things turned out the way they did. Even though, you're still a bastard for not telling me who you really were and why you came into my life. I had to read about it in the newspapers.”

“I had no choice. You were my stepping stone to Mohamed Achmed. Because of you, my people were able to prevent another terrorist attack in Paris.”

“You'll always be in my heart ,” she said, as she suddenly turned away and disappeared into a crowd of people, leaving me as before – alone and saddened, all because I had elected to live an obscure life of deceit and deception.

First published: November, 2013
© All rights reserved by the writer
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