Bev Vines-Haines
1961 is the year I threw in with the gods.  Not the God.  He let me go several years ago.  I took to the rebellious lifestyle, long hair and antiestablishment attitudes of the emerging 60s in a big way.  Being named after two grandfathers called Charles, one a doctor and one a lawyer, my parents expect d a lot.  We were raised with short parted hairstyles, crisp ironed shirts and big goals.  By eighth grade I dropped out, hid some weed under the floorboards in the back shed and drifted into a world less demanding every time I could sneak away.

My parents were more shocked than angry, more lost than searching.  I stayed  in that shed every night until the lights went out and then I would creep back inside and watch pictures in my head.   That's where I found Lust (my favorite), Power, Dominance, and Fearless.  These guys directed my mind and my life like music.  They danced, sang, did artwork and even some weaving.  So, I danced alongside them, joined the shows and even did some directing of my own.

One night they went too far.  Mixed up the ashes of the two grandpas, drew stuff on the walls and got  very loud.  When my parents came out, Dominance knocked them down and Fearless danced on their heads.  Lust laughed and Power did a lot of kicking.

I saw the eerie lights and heard the snarling.  I told them but no one believes me.

First published: November, 2013
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