Compass Compassion
Joanne Faries
Sasha Martin's colorful sari stood out at the picnic. "I bought it in the old world, a little store in New Delhi," she said.
"Did you eat the curry at that restaurant off Turnbai Street?" asked Martha. More Planet Betty folks joined the conversation, sparking an unexpected satisfaction and idea.
A week later, Sasha and Martha, her partner, occupied a town square bench to discuss residents' travel plans.
With a stick, Sasha drew in the dirt. "Now, Perry, to visit your parents walk through the woods, not over the pond bridge."
Martha and Dan discussed the best road to Cave Town. Sasha overheard and intervened. "Maybe he enjoys a splash of water."
"Well, that's silly," said Martha. She turned to Dan. "Maple Street is the safest route."
"Martha, since Carrie's gone, Dan is probably using Triumph Street's fountain to shower his kids. Everybody troops through and drip-dries.  Am I right, Dan?" asked Sasha. He gave a sheepish grin and nodded.
Martha stood and addressed Sasha, " I don't need you second guessing my routes. I quit."
"Fine, don't let the door slam your behind," said Sasha. "Wait, there is no door. C'mon, Martha. We're travel agents to nowhere."
She broke her stick and continued, "You know what would be better? Meet once a month and reminisce about Earth. I have tons of souvenirs. You have Jim's map collection."
Martha agreed. "Travel agents to the past."
Dan handed them three PB coins. "My lecture request - Trevi Fountain."

First published: May, 2013
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