Come the Winds
Andrew A. Crow
The knock startled him from his reverie. Reminiscing of cloudy days, wind-swept streets, squinting your eyes against the blowing dust. A scattered bit of sticky paper attached to your leg. Yes!

The knock came again, more insistent.

Illy sighed and opened the front door.

Juni grinned “Well, what is it?”

“What is wha- Oh, that again. I just told you last week: Census Taker. Now get lost!”

Juni kept the stupid grin on his face. “Sorry, Illy; can’t. Dihua’s doing that this week. You need a new job.”

“But I didn’t even do the old one! Bad enough to live in this sterile world, controlled weather, 2.3 hours of rain every night, night, mind you! Gardens perfectly watered, fields perfectly trimmed, sidewalks spotless, no dirt anywhere, no wind. I tell you, I could walk for an hour outside in my bare feet and not even have to wash when I got home!”

Juni’s face lost its grin. “Keep talking that way and you’ll end up locked away! Betty’s perfect. Now, just give me what I came for will you? Lot more ground to cover today.”

“Yeah, clean ground” Illy muttered.

“What  am I this week?” A thoughtful smile slowly

appeared on Illy’s face, bringing to his heart an unexpected satisfaction. “Call me The Mechanic.” Closing the door, he cut off Juni’s startled response.

  That night, for the first time that anyone could remember, the Weather Makers failed to function. And the next day was windy and very dusty indeed.

First published: May, 2013
© All rights reserved by the writer
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