Classical Career
Joanne Faries
My resume shone as an example of striving for perfection and appearing to falling short. I stood in a warehouse before a table. Taxis honked outside. The aroma of Chinese food wafted in the air. A man and woman suppressed snickers as they reviewed my life, as printed on fine linen paper.
It was 1981. I graduated cum laude with a degree from Valley City State University, North Dakota. Mining? Norwegian as a Second Language? Nope. Classical music. Instrument - the harp.
The redheaded woman looked up. "What are you doing here? How did the screener let you through?"
I smiled and said, "Avoiding welfare. I need a job. I know music, and the screener is a New York second cousin twice removed. We Larssons stick together."
She frowned and asked the bearded dude, "Screener's name?"
"Lisa Larsson."
"Lucky break, kid. What do you know about music videos?"
I shrugged. "Not much, but I can write about intricacies of lyrics, layers of percussion, and fill dead air. I assume Music Video Television avoids silence. Lisa told me. Like radio d-jays, your v-jays have to maintain flow, persuade viewers to watch the next video."
She held up my resume. "Creative cover letter."
"Try me for a week. MTV V-jays will ooze dulcet tones, exude backbeats of patter, and teach kids a whole new language. Gossip and hair metal."
They both nodded. "One week trial." He paused, "You really majored in harp?"
"Yep, with a tambourine, music theory, and typing back-up


First published: May, 2013
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