Bartholomew and the Lamp
JB Mulligan
Bartholomew found a magic lamp. It looked like a lump of dented rusty junk, but there were djinn inside it. They were benevolent, malevolent, and ambidextrous djinn, and they floated out like dandelion spores in a breeze as Bartholomew polished and polished the lamp. They looked to Bartholemew for instruction: none was forthcoming. One after another, like howls in a storm, the djinn swept over the world, lifting, cherishing and crushing whatever they touched. People moaned and cried and laughed and loved, and Bartholemew went on polishing the lamp. At last, the lamp wore thin and crumpled, and the djinn vanished in a panicky gasp, leaving all their joys and mischiefs behind them. Bartholomew looked up and wondered what the fuss was. He looked back down and there were ragged pieces of rusty crap in his hands, and he dropped them and wiped his hands on his thighs, and went home for lunch.


First published: May, 2013
© All rights reserved by the writer
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