Sarah on Paper
Dedan-Jah Jonker
A h'm no sorry.
It's a Sunday. It's also lonely. Not empty, likesay, nae chance. Say 18 of ma best mates, ay who ah kennae mair then 5. Too much parties, likesay. Could be tha twentieth this week, ah lost count. Ah cannae be bothered nae more. But it kills time still.

Ah'm getting ower this 'rejection' feeling slowly say. Ah mean, summer's a good time tae do it . Ah liked it too. They say first times dinnae usually, but ah liked it. Must be shite parents tell their bairns to keep em fae shagging their ears off.
He did, like, taste funny. He wanted me to go doon on em, and ah tried it. He wis nice so. Ah'm laughing when ah think aboot it. He looked like he wis being stood aen his toe, pulling some strange faces. I held his tae ma face n he said he wis comin.
No in ma eye you're no. He wisnae good at holding in. The cunt hasnae called me. He's back tae Leith wi them two freaky mates ay him. Comin n goin.
Ah laugh at the wordplay, but ah really wanna cry. Ah'm no, feelin he doesnae deserve it, likesay?

First published: August 1997