Multiple Blessings
Bev Vines-Haines
In 2005 I loved to look in mirrors.  And rain dappled windows, storefront glass and pretty much anything that reflected my hot little body back to me.  That, of course, was before I met Rudy, married Rudy and became Rudy's brood sow.   

He never mentioned he was one of twins.  Or that he had younger sisters who were triplets.  And older brothers who were twins.  Rudy Bastion's family, for generations it seems, produced heirs in litters.  To be given their due, it was a bit outside everyone's control.   His mother was a triplet and his father was a twin.  He would have also been a triplet but one child opted out early in the pregnancy.   

So, in December of that year I had my first triplets.  All girls, Abby, Bailey and Cheyenne.  A year after that it was twin boys, Devon and Emory.  Before the girls turned three we added Frankie, Garth and Hayden.   

It was against Rudy's wishes that I asked Dr. Oster to tie my tubes when those last three came into the world.  I love my husband, don't get me wrong.  But eight babies under three years of age?  More than my share I think.  

 I hate going to my front door.  I am that afraid someone from the National  Enquirer will do a freak story on the lot of us.   

As for mirrors?  Don't get me started.  My hot little body now prefers sweats, ponytails and Oreos.  

No close-ups please.

First published: August, 2012
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