Brief Encounter
Joanne Faries
Doorknobs Winner
The bailiff announced Euless court in session. "All rise for the Honorable Judge McHale." I rose, took stock of the judge, elderly with white hair, and had a fleeting sensation of concern. I wasn't mega-verbal, my briefs better do the job.  

First on the docket - Meadowbrook Elementary vs. Martin Drubb (aka Cason Stock)  

The school's attorney blabbed about lurid exposure, shock value, and inappropriate behavior. The judge appeared grave and his eyes glanced at me. Glad I wore my Kohl's suit today. Trim fit.   

My turn. I stood composed, a solemn demeanor, and discussed art. "School was out. No kids around. Models today require video portfolio. Camera set, rolling, I stripped to boxer briefs, strutted the goods on swings, seesaw, and jungle gym. Here are stills, your honor, and a DVD." He reviewed my exhibits, and took his time, especially on the parallel bar angle.   

"My video went viral. Clinched a deal with Calvin Klein as Cason Stock, my professional name. I'm sorry the principal recognized his school on line, but hey, he was checking out underwear models on the Internet. I did nothing wrong." I was anxious for the judge to agree, so I could get to New York City.   

"Let me watch this DVD in chambers. Ten minute recess."   

Judge McHale returned, banged his gavel, and pronounced me innocent of pornographic indecency. Leaning over he said, "Good luck in New York, Cason. I prefer going commando."

First published: May, 2012
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