Bev Vines-Haines
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My loving Chloe,  I pray this message reaches you.   I have convinced a sympathetic rebel to mail it for me.  I fear you think me lost.  How are you enduring this separation?  I cannot comprehend this kidnapping, this vile use of my life by drug runners and greedy politicians.  I must keep this short.  My benefactor waits.  Believe I love you.  Know your image, your remembered scent, your haunting touch keep me alive.  Devotedly, Brad  

PS  If you receive this message, please do not answer.  It would certainly cost my benefactor his life.  God willing, I will return to you.   

Dearest Brad.  A CIA official from Washington appeared at my door just three days before I received your letter.   He was both secretive and oddly unsympathetic.   I cannot understand any of this.  My father swears you must be involved with Columbian drug running.  I know he is wrong.  Of course he is wrong.  He has been against our love from the beginning.    My heart aches.  In my restless sleep I struggle to search the jungle, to find you and caress your fear and pain away.  Hurry home.  I need you desperately!  Chloe   

Chloe, my heart.  I have been in a panic.  My friendly rebel disappeared for several days.  I thought his kindness had been discovered.   This morning he returned but he will not look me in the eyes.   The rains have come.  They are relentless.  Even the thickest foliage offers no comfort.  I fear this rain as it renders these rebels angry and trigger happy.  One shot a friendly monkey this morning for no reason.  I cried out in my shock and he trained his weapon on me for several moments.  I begin to worry I will not be rescued.  I don't even know if anyone is trying to find me.  You will most likely never read this.  Your loving Brad.  

  My sweet Brad.  These government men confuse me.  One day they speak of rescue and then I find them conferring with my father and listening to his ridiculous lies!  I have begged them for information concerning rescue.  They speak of diplomatic problems and UN issues.  I remind them you are an accountant, a legitimate victim.  But my father's fantasies appeal to their sense of espionage and paranoia.  I fear the worst.  Your Chloe   

Chloe Patterson.  It is with deep regret we inform you your fiancé Bradley Hopkins' body has been discovered near a Columbian drug enclave.  Please accept the heartfelt sympathy of the US Government.  All possible efforts were made on his behalf.   


First published: February, 2012
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