1946 Justice
Bev Vines Haines
Callie Butz showed up for work at midnight.  Didn't have to be there until 12:30 but she believed if you weren't early—you were late.   For four years now, rain or shine, never so much as a minute late.  Ever since Michael and the rest of the men went off to war.  Michael never came home.  Happened early on, less than twelve months after he left.  She used to wish they'd had time to get married, time to make a baby.

  But not anymore.  She loved her job at the aircraft factory.  And she was good at it.  Maybe even great.  Mr. Klein had put her over training new girls almost immediately.  She liked the work.  She liked building things, making sure they were straight, right, perfect.

When she closed her locker she noticed the lights were turned off on the assembly line.  Peculiar.  No one ever turned those lights off.  Mr. Klein walked around the corner.  "What you doing here, Callie?  Sent you a letter."

Why was he frowning?  Three other men walked up behind him.  "What?  I didn't get no letter."

"The menfolk are home.  They want their jobs.  I don't want trouble, Miss Butz.  You hear me?"

"I didn't get no letter!  You can't take my job without right notice.  All these women, sir.  They are used to this work." Hot night closed in around her.  Lights came on over the assembly line.  Men stood at every station.

  Mr. Klein pointed at the door.

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