In Secret Kept
j.d. daniels
Doorknobs Winner

"The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed..."~Charlotte Bronte

Ira set down the beers and smiled with closed lips.  I could tell his mind remained centered.     

"Hey buddy, could you bring me another Corona?"  My companion, Jake's voice was cigarette-smoker husky.      

Giving a brief blink, that would have been easy to miss if I didn't know Ira, he turned, and placed his hand over his heart, bowing slightly.  The gentle gesture was one of Tai Chi Master to student, guru to disciple.      

Jake flicked ashes into an empty bottle and said, "So, I told Gator to not gum up his life, but course he didn't listen.  He headed for Texas and got involved with that crazy guy the feds got hold up in that compound, Karesh something or other.  The Final Prophet!  Mad man, if you ask me!  Poor, Gator, he ain't never had no sense. Those floater-cult types are scary dudes. Paper said there's several dead already. Damn waste of humanity!"     

With a gliding gait, Ira, adjusting his ponytail, continued to the next table.        

Sparkling lavender and azure water lapped against the dock's pilings.  Two kayaks (one blue, one yellow) moved smoothly toward the drawbridge.  A dolphin rose and disappeared.  Live swamp music drowned conversations.      

"How may I help you?"  Ira gazed into my eyes.             

The question, like every word Ira spoke, felt like an invitation to a new life.          

"You forget my beer?"  Jake asked.         

I stood.  

First published: May, 2011
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