Who's Counting?
Stefanie Maclin

You need milk. You wonder if you could substitute your roommate's soy milk (you tried it once, it tastes nothing like milk or soy), but decide you better not. Lavender you have. You buy cinnamon sticks.(1) You have eggs. You pay for your measly two items with the single five dollar bill you have with the one stick of gum in your pocket. You pop the gum in your mouth.(2)

Your roommate said calling on one's personal deities or saints or sinners was a bad idea. “Every minute,” she said. “Some sucker tries just this, and just you see. It backfires. You'll be his personal slave.” You disagree. Your personal saint has helped. Your mother is talking to you again. You got that surprise check from the great-great-aunt who kicked the bucket; it was enough to pay rent, and back rent. Next, next you think you might ask for world peace, and a date. After all, he is kind of cute, and really, it has been too long.(3)

(1) You debate buying ground cinnamon, but conclude that's probably not a bad idea. After all, your personal saint did land you that job at the architectural firm by fixing it so the other leading candidate died in that horrific car accident, so you figure it is best to humor him.
(2) It's wintergreen flavor. You hate wintergreen flavor.
(3) Two years too long, in fact, but you're not counting.

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First published: November, 2010
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