The Piano Lesson
Brett Nicholas Moore

At the piano lesson, the teacher was very focused on my playing. It was a majestic looking house with oak interior walls, marble floors, and gold trim. For a beginner, it seemed odd to be playing a grand piano that was probably worth a fortune. The teacher said to me, as he was leaving the room, "if you're good, the birds will come to the window." At this time, I had no faith in my playing ability, but I pounded the keys anyway. To my surprise, I played skillfully, without force, times of past glory swirling. Looking down at my hands, I felt like something was taking them over for the weight was unlike my own. Birds tapped their beaks at the window, and I started to feel vindicated. I lifted my hands from the keys and turned my head to the mirror. It wasn't my face in the reflection.

First published: May, 2010
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